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All non-surgical and facial rejuvenation procedures are carried out personally by cosmetic dental surgeon Dr Jeremy Davies.

His unique skill set, extensive training with some of the most well respected and advanced professionals in the industry including Professor Bob Khanna, Dr Steven Hennessy, Dr Tom Van Ejik combined with our CQC accredited, prestigious clinical environment makes Dr Davies an ideal choice of the clinician for this exciting and growing field.


Your initial consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss directly with Dr Davies your concerns and the outcome you hope to achieve from treatment. This aims to be a relaxed visit when pros and cons of any procedure can be honestly discussed and realistic expectations explained. Each person is different and so, therefore, is each treatment, tailored to an individuals needs and budget and as such expected results can be discussed and indeed if a patient will not benefit from treatment, Dr Davies will not proceed and advise you as such.

Treatments can be performed at the same time, if appropriate but the consultation is totally without obligation and free of charge so that you have all the facts before your decision is made. Full prices are also quoted beforehand so there are no surprises and medical history will be taken to be sure the treatment is safe for you.

Be assured your visit will be pleasant, informative, unhurried and should you proceed with treatment your results will be as expected.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you have a brief query that can even be answered over the phone. We are here to help.


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