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Opt for a convenient cover-up.

Veneers cover the front surface of a tooth to conceal chips or discolouration, and can be used to minimise gaps. They are very thin, tooth coloured shells, normally made from porcelain, that offer a less damaging way to enhance teeth because only a minimal amount of enamel needs to be removed, if any, before the veneer is fixed in place.

    Veneer benefits

  • Truly tooth-like appearance
  • Only a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed to accommodate the veneer
  • Long lasting coverage of annoying imperfections

    Fitting your veneer

  • We may remove a tiny amount of enamel, but only if necessary.
  • We take an impression of the tooth and note its colour, so the veneer will fit well and blend in seamlessly.
  • After being expertly produced in a laboratory, the veneer is bonded permanently to your tooth to hide any disappointing defects.

Try the direct approach

We also offer direct composite veneers from the Componeer® system, which blend the benefits of our lab produced veneers with the convenience of directly applied composite restoration. This basically means your tooth can be restored in a single session, thanks to the pre-made veneers which come in a selection of shapes and sizes, and can then be customised to fit.

This quick, ready-made method is more economical and only requires minimal drilling. It is also a great looking option because the pre-shaped veneers perfectly mimic the surface of natural teeth.

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