Sports guards

Custom-made gum shields help to safeguard your teeth when playing contact sports such as rugby, hockey, cricket, lacrosse or martial arts. They are made from a strong, yet pliable, material which cushions your teeth against damage such as chips, cracks and tooth loss. They can also help protect your jaw, softer areas such as the lips, tongue and cheeks, and even your neck and brain.

It is important to wear a gum shield designed just for you, as the ‘boil and bite’ type does not provide adequate protection.


  • Fit teeth perfectly and stay firmly in place
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Help avoid the need for more complex and costly treatment

Treatment steps

  • We take accurate impressions of your teeth and note how they fit together, so the gum shield will fit snugly.
  • This information is used by a dental laboratory to produce a tailor-made shield.
  • When ready, we will check it grips firmly to your teeth.


You should keep your gum shield clean by rinsing after each use and occasionally washing in cool, soapy water.

So we can make sure your gum shield is still fitting properly and remains in good condition, it is a good idea to bring it with you to your routine check-ups. Children and young adults will need gum shields replacing more frequently as they are still growing.

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